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APG Home Inspections serves Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Mitigate the risk of buying a re-sale home with APG Home Inspections. With over 1800 inspections performed in the GTA and a 99%+ satisfaction rate, you are in good hands with APG Home Inspections.

With a thorough home inspection, you will definitively cut down the risk of major issues, hazards or deficiencies. Hidden or Latent Defects are not always visible, but with the technology we use (thermal imaging, video-inspections, non-intrusive moisture meters and voltage meter) we can find these issues and flag them during a home inspection. This gives you a head start in knowing what you are buying, but also to budget down the road based on lifecycles of certain items inspected!


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Based on the inspection, I felt confident about the purchase of the home and I truly felt that APG had our best interests at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend APG to our closest family and friends. “Mike - Oakville, ON”

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